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Why I hate white punks [TW: racism, colonialism, trans-hate]


White punks ARE cultural appropriators. Punk rock did begin as a black subculture in the early 1970s and was later appropriated by white kids in the middle of the decade. REAL punk was done by bands entirely made up of PoC as were the styles. White kids stole it and totally erased its PoC history.

People please check out this blog. Its so disgustingly racist, self righteous, psychotic, and ass backwards. It is a surreal experience. Im glad I live in a time where people with radical views like this don’t have much power.

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 At the end, thirty feet or so from the counter that closed the entrance, a grinning Negro face bobbed and grimaced through a hole in the back curtain painted to represent a jungle river. The Negro’s head came right out of the spread terrific jaws of a crocodile. “Hit the nigger in the head, get a good ten cent seegar,” the barker said. “Three balls for a dime, folks. Try your skill and accuracy. Hit the nigger baby on the head get a handsome cane and pennant.

"Riverview Amusement park in Chicago Illinois, was well known for their popular African Dip attraction, which was a staple there until the late 1950s."
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scope your grandparents though

Ok so I was looking in the tags of the person I reblogged this from and was all for what they were saying till. “This is why you whities and non black poc should not use the n word”How about NONE ONE use a racial slur even if you are the race that slur is ment to disrespect. Im so sick of hearing black people use it in their music or in conversation. Are you kidding me? Youre not reclaiming the word. Youre making yourself look like desensatized garbage.
Anonymous asked: But synthetic meat does not look healthy at all


lots of things aren’t healthy, including actual meat. sooooo

Bullshit. They only way I can see this is accurate is in reffering to the chemicles and hormones they pump into meat products.

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